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Our warranties protect the original customer from defects in material or workmanship. Damages from normal wear and tear, alterations, misuse, neglect, accident, service by non-authorized service centers, or acts of God are not covered under these warranties. For more information on our warranties, please click here.

For warranty claims, the product being replaced does not need to be registered.
For warranty claims, the product being replaced does NOT need to be returned to PureGear.

There is no need to register your item unless you have purchased a Pure Pledge product.
Please complete the form below to begin the warranty claim process. Shipping and Handling fees apply.

Please allow 7-10 business days for processing and delivery within the USA.

-USA shipping and handling fee is $12.95
-Canadian shipping and handling fee is $21.95 USD

Please note, each claim is for one replacement. If you have multiple replacement requests, please submit a claim for EACH replacement.
For warranty claims, the product being replaced does NOT need to be returned to PureGear.

Replacement product is for personal use only and not intended for resale.
Resale of replacement product is prohibited.

Please be aware that all shipments to Canada are delayed 10 days.
**Products not originally sold in Canada are not available for warranty replacements in Canada.

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Please press the "Submit" button then the "Check Out with PayPal" to submit your Warranty Claim along with the Shipping Fee for your replacement. You will have the Option to Pay with a Credit Card if you do not have a PayPal Account.

Please DO NOT REFRESH or PRESS THE BACK BUTTON on the Payment Page, please wait for processing to complete itself.
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Please note, we will ship the exact product YOU select from the “Select the product you want replaced” field. Please be mindful and double-check your selection.